Comprehensive I-9 Audit Service

When it comes to I-9s, E-Verify and worksite compliance, GoffWilson encourages clients to be proactive and preemptive. Careful review of existing I-9s, comprehensive training and the creation of strong compliance policies can help your company avoid hefty fines, negative publicity, and even criminal charges.

This rigorous audit protects your company from incurring fines and criminal liability as a result of errors on your employees’ I-9 Forms.If your company is targeted, and I-9 violations are discovered, fines will range from $110 to $1,100 per I-9 Form depending on the severity of the errors. In addition, the company owner, managers and Human Resource professionals can be held criminally liable for certain infractions.

Has your company received a letter from the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Custom Enforcement? If your company receives a Notice of Inspection from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) with or without a subpoena you must act immediately. Contact Us Now.

The Comprehensive Audit Service gets your company's I-9 Forms on track!
You work directly with an attorney and the GoffWilson I-9 Team to:
  • Review & correct mistakes on your I-9 Forms.
  • Learn the proper and lawful manner in which to fill out an I-9 Form.
  • Create a company policy for I-9 Compliance.

The Process
  • The GoffWilson I-9 Team reviews copies of all I-9 Forms for current and separated employees.
  • The I-9 Team finds all errors on I-9 Form – including items which are in direct violation and could result in fines or criminal liability.
  • GoffWilson arms you with the necessary tools to correct errors on your I-9 Forms.
  • After the audit, GoffWilson educates you and your staff on how to properly fill out I-9 Forms and assists you in creating an I-9 company policy

Correcting I-9 Forms
Your employees’ I-9 Forms cannot be "redone" however, through the auditing process, GoffWilson provides a written audit certification sheet for each employee’s I-9. The audit certification sheet details the errors found during the audit and explains how to properly correct the I-9 Form according to immigration regulations. GoffWilson then provides a custom training session that addresses specific issues discovered during your audit.

Examples of an audited I-9 and an audit sheet created by the I-9 Team:
GoffWilson provides valuable worksheets, forms and manuals for assistance in I-9 compliance. These forms are found in our Resources section of this site adn can be downloaded in printable formats.

I-9/E-Verify compliance is highly complex, and can incur fines and criminal liability. Let GoffWilson provide the timely advice and thorough expertise you need. Contact us now.