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The Value of an Expert Witness

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As one of the largest and most respected Immigration Law Practices in New England, GoffWilson has provided services in every facet of the immigration process. With a history of helping employees, employers, and individuals obtain temporary and permanent employment visas since 1982, and a stellar domestic and international reputation, GoffWilson is considered an expert in fields of immigration and nationality law.
One of the more critical roles GoffWilson is asked to fill is that of an expert witness. Expert witnesses are often critical to an immigration case, and having an expert witness can be the difference in success. Having received top rankings in the Immigration Law Category of Best Lawyers in America (the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession), GoffWilson’s credentials are undeniable and sure to build your credibility in court.
GoffWilson has a history of representing all types of businesses operating in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and extensive experience in Asia–from China and India to Indonesia and the Philippines. This worldly knowledge and experience qualifies GoffWilson to lobby on behalf of the conditions in your country, but it's the personalization of our service that will speak to your individual situation. The personalized service that GoffWilson prides itself on will not simply produce general testimony, but rather specific, relevant testimony that speaks directly to you and your claim.
When it’s time to go to court, surround yourself with the best team possible–including the most reputable, well-credentialed, and experienced expert witness possible. The right expert witness is respected by the court, has a deep knowledge of the law, and can speak to the specifics of your case. For over thirty years GoffWilson has been solidifying its reputation as not only a leader in immigration and nationality law, but as an expert in the field.
If you have any questions about your case or would like to learn more about GoffWilson’s expert witness service, contact us here.
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